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US refines Geneva stance; first cruise arrives in U.K.

President Reagan has decided to refine the latest US nuclear arms proposal in a final effort to narrow differences with Moscow before US missile deployments begin in Europe, administration sources said Monday. They said Mr. Reagan would propose a specific ''global'' limitation of 420 nuclear warheads for each side on medium-range missiles deployed in Europe and Asia.

Meanwhile, British Defense Minister Michael Heseltine announced in Parliament that the first of the controversial US medium-range cruise missiles had arrived at Greenham Common Air Base.

The Reagan proposal was laid out in consultation with US allies in Europe and was sent to European governments for their perusal, the sources said. The new proposal would be laid out by chief US negotiator Paul Nitze at intermediate nuclear force talks in Geneva this week. The new plan comes just before a crucial vote on the missile question in the West German parliament next week.

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