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UN aims several appeals at nuclear superpowers

The United Nations is launching a last-minute appeal against further esclation of the nuclear race by the superpowers even as NATO prepares to deploy medium-range missiles in Western Europe, Monitor UN contributor Louis Wiznitzer reports.

Three resolutions are expected to be adopted by the General Assembly: One by Romania calls on the United States and the Soviet Union to pursue their talks in Geneva for as long as necessary to reach an agreement and, in the meantime, take no unilateral steps that could impede reaching an agreement. One by India calls on five nuclear powers - the US, Soviet Union, France, Britain, and China - to freeze their nuclear arsenals indefinitely at their present levels. And one by Mexico and Sweden calls on the two superpowers to freeze their nuclear stocks at the present levels for a five-year period.

Analysts here expect Western nations largely to ignore the resolutions, which they consider unbalanced.

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