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Two Filipino battalions readied to quell rioting

The government of President Ferdinand Marcos has pulled out two crack Army battalions from combat areas in the southern Philippines to quell antigovernment demonstrations in Manila, officials said.

The troops, fresh from campaigns

against communist guerrillas on the southern islands of Samar and Mindanao, began training for riot control and urban antiguerrilla tactics. Military spokesmen said the battalions would be fielded ''only as the need arises'' and will not carry firearms in crowd-control operations.

At least 12 persons have been killed in antigovernment protests in Manila since the Aug. 21 slaying of Mr. Marcos's chief political rival, Benigno Aquino. Large rallies are planned to mark the anniversary of Aquino's birth Nov. 27.

Marcos also said his party will discuss today proposals to revive the position of vice-president, abolished in 1972. Marcos, under increasing pressure to establish a clear line of succession if he cannot complete his term in office , has decided to let ruling party leaders decide the issue.

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