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POP/ROCK Juice Newton: ''Dirty Looks.'' (Capitol ST-12294 - Juice Newton has fared well in both the country and pop, and on this record she tries to continue to hit both genres. But this record starts off on the wrong foot with its title song. How can the listener honestly believe that little, innocent Juice actually wants to get ''Dirty Looks'' from the guys? I sure can't. The album does get a bit better after a slow start. ''Keeping Me on My Toes'' is a bouncy country-western song with some catchy accoustical guitar work and places the listener in some run-down dance hall off I-70 someplace in the Southwest. Juice, who has always done well remaking songs, throws us ''Tell Her No,'' by the legendary Rod Argent. Her version sounds careless and haphazard, although it's getting lots of airplay. By far the most powerful and beautiful song on this album is ''Twenty Years Ago,'' a striking sad song about wanting to return to a simpler time. There is some nice flute and keyboard work here. Overall, this LP is a disappointment after last year's impressive ''Quiet Lies.''

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