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POP ROCK ''New Music From Antarctica, Volume 1.'' (Antarctica, ACR-6201.) - Antarctica is a new music-and-video outfit, with a diverse and dizzying crew of musical rule-breakers on its roster. Followers of recent trends will recognize many contributors to this sampler, from ''Blue'' Gene Tyranny - his piece is modestly called ''The World's Greatest Piano Player'' - to guitarist Rhys Chatham, who demonstrates his ''Drastic Classicism for Electric Instruments.'' The Love of Life Orchestra serves up a bouncy ''Siberia,'' and leader Peter Gordon encores with ''Waiting for the Dawn.'' In the song department, Jill Kroesen apologizes with ''I'm Sorry I'm Such a Weenie'' and insists that ''You've Really Got a Hold on Me,'' and Ned Sublette brags, ''I Ain't Afraid of Girls.'' David van Tieghem's mysterious sounds are mysteriously called ''And Now This.'' It's a mixed bag, all right, ranging from country corn to outer-space iciness. Most of it kept me on my toes and kept the toes tapping as a bonus. (An hour-long videotape is available featuring the same artists along with images by video-virtuosi Kit Fitzgerald and John Sanborn.)

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