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US admits mistaken attack on Grenadian hospital

The Pentagon acknowledged that at least 12 patients had been killed in a US air strike unintentionally directed at a civilian mental hospital near Fort Fredericks, Grenada, on the first day of the American-led attack. The building was near Cuban artillery positions and carried no markings indicating in any way that it was a hospital, a statement said.

The Defense Department also updated US casualties in the invasion to 18 killed and 86 wounded. Military officials said snipers still were occasionally firing at American forces.

Meanwhile, some 500 marines landed on the Grenadian island of Carriacou before dawn Tuesday to search for Cubans, US officials said. The Marines reportedly encountered no resistance.

All Marines who participated in the original Grenada invasion were scheduled to complete their withdrawal from Grenada Tuesday, sailing on to Lebanon, their original destination before their diversion to Grenada. Men of the 82nd Airborne Division replaced them.

In New York, the UN General Assembly agreed to begin debating the Grenadian invasion today.

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