The sun has bowed its head to the browning grass applauding beneath the sky. A performance worthy of the utmost appreciation is ending. The darkness takes the stage, erasing the remaining pink and orange tracks of the preceding act.

The blackness dances lightly - prancing, leaping and spinning . . . leaving scattered footprints of sparkling light over the mass of darkened sky.

In the distance, a former ball of glitter casts shadows on the ground. Mysterious and lustrous, it is the lamp of the evening sky despite the foggy haze over its pale yellow face, a dim smile spreading across its eyes, relaxed.

A soft breeze gossips intimately with the leaves which are rocking themselves to sleep in the cool lullabye of the night wind.

A laughing brook quiets to a giggle, a sigh, and there is silence.

The evening grows a deeper black and the glittering ball sheds a tear of gray silver as it guards the earth.

Clouds the color of oysters blend into the darkening sky. In this swirl of licorice ice cream, the stars settle and discontinue their switchboard of blinking lights, but lightning shoots bullets of continuous flames which puncture the sweet, mild air.

The dance of dusk is ending. As the black curtain closes, the dance is over.

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