Putting a new face on the pumpkin

The traditional way to give a pumpkin some personality is, of course, to hollow it out and make a jack-o'-lantern. But there are other ways to prepare this fellow for his late October debut.

Beverly Burzynski, who works at her father's farm stand in Georgetown, Mass., discovered the magic that a bit of parsley, cucumber, red pepper - and a lot of imagination - could do for a pumpkin.

Parsley is coaxed into becoming flowing strands of hair, while a bumpy cucumber doubles for a large and lengthy nose. Squash cut in half, then hollowed out, gives the watchman ears to listen for approaching goblins.

Not all jack-o'-lanterns look alike, of course, and there are other ways to bring this bright orange fruit of fall to life.

Creativity is the key: Make a large, toothy grin out of cauliflower, held in place with finishing nails, or give your pumpkin narrow eyes with long, thin nuts. If he's looking bald when you finish, hollow out your jack-o'-lantern, fill the cavity with old, dry cornstalks that stick out above the top, and then hold them firmly by replacing the lid.

Turnips become ears, small red cabbages make a colorful nose. And celery can raise the pumpkin's eyebrows at all the different costumes that will parade before him Oct. 31.

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