Monitor's Goodsell wins award for Falkland reports

James Nelson Goodsell, South America correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor, has been named this year's recipient of the Inter American Press Association-Tom Wallace award for his coverage of the 1982 Argentine-British war over the Falkland Islands.

Dr. Goodsell was in Argentina during the three-month war and wrote a series of articles on the conflict as viewed in Argentina.

During April, May and June of 1982, he interviewed hundreds of Argentines, including top officers and ordinary soldiers, as well as civilians.

He had previously visited the Falkland Islands, and was able to write about their people, climate, and terrain.

The award, given yearly by the IAPA's Latin American members, is being presented to Dr. Goodsell at the organization's annual meeting in Lima, Peru on Oct. 26.

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