Managers needed, too, to help carry Olympic torch

You don't have to pump iron or run like Bruce Jenner to take part in the 1984 Olympics. The Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee is looking for some 900 ''players'' to fill middle-management positions on its team. Salaries will range from $1,100 a month (clerking) to $4,000 a month (supervising managers). These job openings will not be listed in any advertising medium and the committee will take no applications by phone.

To ''try out'' for a spot, you must do the following:

* Send a cover letter and resume about yourself to the Olympic Organizing Committee, Human Resources Department, Los Angeles, Calif. 90084.

* Wait for a screening-letter reply (it takes about two weeks).

* Report (if selected by screening) to a designated department in Los Angeles , or a nearby area, for specific assignment.

Already about 600 paid workers are on the committee payroll in Culver City on a supporting staff basis.

The kinds of paying jobs open for the time between now and July 28 include those for computer experts, architects, construction engineers, event coordinators, operations and transportation managers, and backup secretarial help.

The committee is also looking for about 25,000 volunteers for jobs as translators, radio dispatchers, construction workers, ushers, and food servers. It expects that these volunteers will get a chance to see many of the Olympic events now sold out to spectators.

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