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NCAA role in college TV faces a high-court replay

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to review a lower-court ruling that tight NCAA control over the college football television schedule violates antitrust laws.

The football package, for which three TV networks this year paid $74 million, was challenged by the Universities of Oklahoma and Georgia. The two schools, along with many other national football powers, feel they can negotiate more frequent and lucrative TV exposure for themselves rather than bow to NCAA controls.

In other action, the court:

* Agreed to decide whether a white Florida woman was wrongly stripped of custody of her daughter simply because she married a black man. She argues that it is unconstitutional for a judge to take interracial marriage into account in custody decisions.

* Agreed to review the case of a man whose murder conviction was thrown out 13 years after the verdict on the basis of pretrial publicity. At issue is whether the federal court, which questioned state court jurors' impartiality and reversed their decision, overstepped its jurisdiction.

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