Monthly Record Guide: Pop-Rock (6)

Pop-Rock Greg Lake: "Manoeuvres.'' (Chrysalis FV-41392) - Greg Lake, former singer, writer, and guitarist for Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, has changed little since ELP's breakup. Known for his part in the group's progressive rock sound filled with musical visions of power and passion, Lake has, much to his credit, followed this successful musical style into his solo career. The result? A solid , well-crafted album that sounds better the more it's played. Side One offers quickly paced rock music, while in sharp contrast the other side is predominantly acoustical. This blend has something for just about everybody who enjoys today's contemporary music. ''Too Young to Love'' features some fine guitar work. The title track also rocks hard and fast. As with Lake's musical past, all the contents on this record deal with love - and the slower, more acoustical love songs on Side Two are some of today's finest. ''Slave to Love'' has beautiful, deep acoustic guitars backing Lake's soft, passionate vocals. The anthem of optimism on the record, ''It's You, You've Gotta Believe,'' is a slow, melodic love song bursting with good intention. Though no single from this record is likely to make the top 10, or 20 for that matter, this is a well-produced, enjoyable LP.

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