Men's fashion: adding a touch of style

A man can use many small fashion tricks to spruce up an existing wardrobe and to add dash to his appearance. Luciano Franzoni, stylist for Hartmarx (formerly Hart Schaffner & Marx), suggests the following inexpensive ways to achieve an expensive look:

A suit can appear totally different with the addition of a nonmatching vest or sleeveless sweater.

A pocket watch with chain or fob adds spark to a vested garment.

A wing-collar shirt makes a dressy look appear dressier but can also be worn without a tie for a dress-down look with casual slacks.

A shirt with collar pin enhances any suit.

Gray gloves are a fashionable alternative to standard black ones.

Try a bowler or derby hat, if you have a touch of bravado.

Carry a walking stick. It takes a man with confidence to carry it off, but it does add a certain swagger.

Socks in livelier colors can be fun with some outfits.

Suspenders (which are becoming increasingly popular) can add a refreshing touch of color to an otherwise somber outfit. Choose colors to blend with dominant tones in your tie.

A long scarf worn outside your coat and wrapped a time or two around the neck so one end falls in front and one at the back, can give you a bon vivant air.

Finally, remember that the high pocket on your suit jacket is there for a purpose. Tuck a handkerchief, white or colored, into it for instant fashion.

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