Fresh peaches in this pie need no cooking at all

The old farmstead we recently purchased has four peach trees, and our neighbors have all been over to tell us how sweet, juicy, and bountiful the fruit from these trees will be.

During late summer, the tree outside our back door is so loaded down with fruit that the branches need support to keep from breaking.

There are many ways to preserve peaches, but I like to use the freshly picked fruit as often as possible.

Peaches should always be ripe before picking because, unlike many fruits, they won't ripen after leaving the tree.

Here's an easy peach pie recipe that captures the sweet, juicy taste of the fresh fruit. Fresh Peach Pie 6 large peaches, skinned and sliced 3 tablespoons lemon juice Sweetened condensed milk 1 prebaked 9-inch pie shell Whipping cream Combine peaches with lemon juice and mix together. Pour just enough sweetened condensed milk over peaches to coat the fruit, mix gently to avoid bruising, and chill for about 1 hour.

Be careful not to add too much milk or it will collect in the bottom and make the crust soggy.

Just before serving, put peach mixture in prebaked pie shell. Cover with whipped cream and garnish with a couple of peach leaves.

During strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry season 1 to 2 quarts of these berries may be substituted for the peaches. Garnish the pie with 2 or 3 fresh berries.

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