Hewlett-Packard's new computer is touch-sensitive

Hewlett-Packard has a new entry in the personal-computer market for business professionals. On Monday, the company introduced the HP 150, a personal computer with a touch-sensitive screen. Although there is a keyboard, many of the commands are executed by touching items on the display screen with a finger or a pen, which HP officials say is easier than typing them all in. The suggested retail price for the 16-bit, HP 150 is $3,995, including shipping costs.

In addition to the new computer, HP is trying to give retailers more reasons to stock HP computers.

A new retailer-support program is designed to give dealers higher profit margins, faster distribution, and higher credit limits. HP is also setting up a retailers' council and hotline. The council will be made up of dealers who will collect feedback from retailers on HP products and programs.

It is hoped that these incentives will help sign up new dealers. Over the next few years, the company plans to triple its personal-computer outlets.

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