Aquino slayer linked to military

Rolando Galman, the alleged assassin of Filipino opposition leader Benigno Aquino, had ties to the Philippines Air Force that imply a possible military role in the Aquino assassination, according to a magazine report.

An international edition of Newsweek magazine said Mr. Galman, who was killed during the attack on Mr. Aquino, had been employed until less than a week before the killing by an Air Force officer.

It quoted military sources as saying Col. Arturo Custodio, attached to the headquarters of Gen. Fabian Ver, armed forces chief of staff, had been a childhood friend of Galman's and had employed him until days before the assassination. General Ver was in charge of airport security at the time of the killing.

Meanwhile, Imelda Marcos, wife of President Ferdinand Marcos restated that she plans to quit politics because she had become suspect following the Aquino murder. But the announcement meets with skepticism, since she has made similar statements in the past, only to see a rise in support and a higher government post.

In separate interviews, Mr. and Mrs. Marcos warned against a possible cancellation of President Reagan's scheduled visit to the Philippines in November. Mr. Marcos said that cancellation would be ''a slap in our face'' that would affect the agreement under which the United States maintains naval and military bases in the Philippines.

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