Clothes to create the illusion of height

You don't have to be tall to look taller. All you have to do, according to fashion editors at Seventeen, is spend a few moments thinking about the way clothes can help you reach new heights.

Many of this fall's best new looks - like sweater dresses - are ideal for creating the illusion of height. ''Try a solid-colored sweater dress,'' the editors suggest, ''especially when hip belted, for a longer-waisted look, and bloused slightly to keep the length in proportion.''

But don't stop the long look at the edge of your dress - keep it flowing to the tip of your toes. Add shoes and hose in a matching color for a long, unbroken line. This will not only create added inches, but will also give you a flattering and slimming look.

Even the popular ''oversized'' clothing look of the past few years doesn't have to be ruled out for shorter women. Simply be sure to select clothes that are just slightly oversized for your own particular body frame. Wear a big sweater, but don't tuck it in at the waist because the long illusion will be lost. Rather, the editors recommend, ''Balance the sweater with the long line of pants, tucked into ankle-high boots,'' to create a sleek look.

Another good way to lengthen your stature is by wearing a very popular ''short'' fashion - the miniskirt. Team a dark-colored mini with hose and shoes in a matching color and watch your legs instantly look longer. Finish the outfit with a roomy raglan-sleeved sweater to create balance.

When it comes to ''walking tall,'' consider traditional low-heeled pumps. Not only is this a great shoe for fall, but its proportions also add just enough height without exaggerating the effect.

Many of the fall's most exciting looks may seem to be designed with the tall woman in mind. It just takes a little planning and adjustment to make these styles stunning on everyone.

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