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For travelers who want to learn a hobby or skill while on vacation, Britain is one destination that offers many courses and workshops. In Devon, the southwest part of England, visitors can study weaving, pottery, photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking, pressed flower composition, and drama at the Coomb Farm Studios. The studios, situated outside the village of Dittisham near Dartmouth, offer one- and two-week programs.

During their free time, participants can practice what they're learning or explore the surrounding countryside. Courses cost (STR)57.50 (about $90 a week), including materials and value-added tax. Participants may stay at neighboring farms and inns, prices starting at about $8 a night, or the Old Coombe Manor Farm Hotel for $16 to $25.

For more information, contact Pat and Tina Riley, Coombe Farm Studios, Dittisham, Dartmouth, South Devon, England; telephone (080422) 352.

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