Want something sporty? Here are entries from Plymouth and Buick

The window sticker says a hefty $14,638. The car - a Buick Regal T-type turbo coupe, loaded to the sills - includes a touch-type air-conditioning system price-listed for $875, a decor package for $365, and a cassette stereo for $555.

What it all adds up to, though, is a snappy performer with plenty of room inside and a sporty feel to the ride.

The Regal turbo comes only as a 2-door coupe powered by a turbocharged 3.8 -liter V-6 and a 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission. That means whoosh on the highway!

The T designation, as it does with other Buicks with the T tag, indicates a performance-oriented Buick with touring suspension that combines a sporty feel, lots of pep, and a pleasant ride.

While the ''people space'' inside is good (after all, it's a Buick) the foot space is cramped.

A negative: Entry to the rear seat is hampered by the safety belts, but maybe the Buick design staff will improve the arrangement in the future.

The doors are huge - and that means heavy. Instrumentation is all right; everything is easy to read.

As for economy on the road, the figures aren't too bad, really. It didn't expect minicar mileage - not with all that power up front. The Environment Protection Agency rates the car at 18 m.p.g. in the city and 29 on the road. I got 19 to 20 by twinning commuting and legal-speed highway travel.

Don't let the $14,000-plus figure fool you, because the basic Regal coupe is sticker-priced at $9,510. The T-option base adds another $1,200. Then there are all those options!

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