Steps Ahead. Michael Brecker, tenor saxophone; Eliane Elias, piano; Peter Erskine, drums; Eddie Gomez, bass; Mike Mainieri, vibes, synthivibes, marimba. (Elektra/Musician 60168-1) ''Steps Ahead'' is a relatively new group, but its members, with the exception of newcomer Eliane Elias, are well known to jazz audiences. Their live performances have attested to the fact that this is a fine marriage of creative minds - one of those rare groups in which everything works. This first album reflects much, if not all, of that unusual affinity. Included are original tunes by various members of the band, with the emphasis on Latin-jazz fusion. Both Brecker and Mainieri are soloists of imagination and clarity, and the little we hear of Eliane Elias shows that she is a young pianist of great promise.

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