Tito Puente and His Latin Ensemble: ''On Broadway.'' (Concord Jazz Picante CJP-207) Tito Puente, affectionately known as ''the king'' of Latin Music is heard here with a 10-piece ensemble - including horns, percussion, and the somewhat unusual addition of a violin. Puente formed this band to play in the smaller clubs - a kind of pared-down version of his larger ensemble. Selections include two Puente originals, ''T.P. Special,'' and ''Jo-Je-Ti,'' and Latin-jazz versions of ''Sophisticated Lady'' and ''Bluesette.'' The title track is a south-of-the-border version of the pop hit ''On Broadway.'' Latin purists may not love this one, which includes generous doses of jazz and pop and contains no vocals at all. Nevertheless, the arrangements are good, there are some fine solos, and Puente's timbale work is superb, as always.

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