How to remove scratches from plastic bathtubs

Q. Is there a way to refinish plastic bathtubs? Apparently, they were scratched with an abrasive cleanser before we bought our house. Also, what can be done to renew the finish on simulated marble washbowls? Marjory Coveney Roswell, Ga.

A. The plastic bathtubs are probably fiber glass. The resin surface probably was scratched when abrasive materials, such as acetone, pumice, or powdered cleansers, were used for cleaning.

Fiber glass should be cleaned with a good liquid (nonpowder) cleanser.

Some restoration may be accomplished by using trisodium phosphate and household bleach, which will improve a scratched or stained fiber-glass surface.

Call a local plumber for his pet restoration method and fiber-glass cleanser.

To restore the scratched finish on a simulated or cultured-marble washbowl, use 600-grit wet-dry sandpaper. Sand lightly. This may work if the surface is thick enough to stand light sanding. Expect a dull appearance where sanded.

If the bowl is crazed, or cracked, one simulated-marble manufacturer says that only replacement is practical. That means not only the bowl but the contiguous Pullman marble countertop as well. For more specifics and possibly an on-site inspection of the bowl, consult a cultured-marble manufacturer or contractor listed in the phone book Yellow Pages.

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