A 'simple golf swing' that really works

I've tried out 15 different ''simple golf swings,'' none of which has worked all or even most of the time for me. Now, quite by chance, I have hit upon one which does seem to work. I would be interested to know whether it works well for you, too.

The basic thing is to relate the tip of the left shoulder with the upper right arm (if right-handed). The UPPER right arm. Not the forearm, the upper arm.

These move back together, as if joined by an invisible wire. My own feeling is that they move back diagonally, well ''inside'' one's line-of-aim.

With a short iron the left shoulder goes DOWN and back; with a longer club it seems just to go back diagonally.

The relationship between the left shoulder and the upper right arm is maintained throughout the swing. The upper right arm feels to be traveling well ''inside'' the track of the left shoulder.

On the backswing it may feel as if the upper right arm is pulling the left shoulder back; on the downswing it may feel that the left shoulder is dragging the right upper arm down and through.

The distance between the left shoulder and the upper right arm remains the same all the way back AND down. And this is all you need think of, except that the aim is to swing the clubface through the ball.

The left shoulder and the upper right arm are joined. They go back and round together - or, if your feeling is the same as mine, they go back diagonally together. Then they come down and through and out together.

That's all. It's as simple as that.

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