House panel asks to see Hoover Institution files

The chairman of the House subcommittee probing possible campaign espionage by Reagan aides said he had asked the Hoover Institution for permission for staff investigators to inspect Reagan campaign files stored there.

Rep. Donald Albosta (D) of Michigan said he plans to send staff members to the archives at the Stanford University institution in a day or two.

The curator of the museum is already sending to the Albosta subcommittee materials that appear to be documents from the Carter White House or Carter political strategists. Mr. Albosta asked that the museum confirm that all originals of the Reagan file will be preserved and that only copies will be sent to Washington.

In another development, William Van Cleave, who was senior defense adviser to the 1980 Reagan campaign, acknowledged that he recalled seeing a week before the election a copy of the briefing book prepared by Carter aides for the TV debate.

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