Our family without a TV

You may think I'm crazy. But after you hear this you may think differently. This is how it started: One Sunday I was geting up and heard our clock strike seven. I hopped out of bed to watch ''The Little Rascals.'' I turned on the TV set but nothing happened. Later my dad took it to the TV repairman. He said the TV had eight broken tubes, and it would cost $150 to repair it. We decided not to get a new TV and to try life without TV.

When I got the news I was very unhappy. But,m I spend more time now with a book than ever before. We spend more time playing games together, like Yahtzee, Uno, and lots of others. Our whole family spends more time by the fireplace, where we roast marshmallows and play card games. And lately we have been listening to the radio. We just finished a series on the radio of ''Star Wars'' that was very exciting. I have been listening to my radio lots too. I listen to it every day.

We spend time before bedtime reading together. The book we are reading right now is ''Huckleberry Finn.'' He gets into one fix after another.

Our family thinks it's lots of fun, and we're getting to know each other better without TV. You think your way, I'll think mine. It's OK without TV, it's just fine.

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