Slow down

Gandhi said: ''There is more to life than increasing its speed.'' And there's more to life than all the rush and push and fast talk (we must get together and draw up a plan, we must have another committee meeting, we must get together and talk about having a plan for the committee meeting, so we can, so we can, and then we'll . . .). There is more to life than all the endless mental gymnastics, wondering how to get A and B together so that they can meet with C, and maybe if A and B and C get together they can bring in D, E, and F, too, and they can form a special ad hoc concept group to prepare a position paper outlining a plan, so that maybe . . . And there is more, much more to life than I said, and then she said, and then, would you believe, he said, and then, would you believem . . .? There is more to life than all that running around, spending more and more time in red tape, bureaucracy, and paperwork that has less and less to do with anything that really matters. Whym is there a need for still another plan, another program, another meeting, another report? Why is there a need for all the push and rush and fast talk?

Why not just slow down for a while, simplifym, and give quietness a chance?

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