Sausages restore a family link

When four Polish sailors decided to go on a hunger strike, they underestimated the lure of Copenhagen's sausage links. But they withstood it. And on Wednesday they sat down to their first meal since June 1 after news they will be reunited with their families, Monitor contributor Wayne Brittenden reports.

The four merchant seamen who fled from Poland a year ago were granted asylum by the Danish government. But Polish authorities were uncooperative in allowing the families to join the men. Finally, their optimism was rewarded. The granting of permission coincides with the Pope's arrival in Poland, but Polish authorities insist there is no relation.

One of the jubilant Poles said that the worst part of the hunger strike was the location - outside Denmark's Freedom Museum with a pastry-and-coffee outdoor cafe on one side and an all-night sausage stand on the other.

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