UN body criticizes S. Africa again

The Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution that condemns South Africa's ''continued illegal occupation of Namibia,'' reports Monitor special correspondent Louis Wiznitzer. The resolution asks that UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar confer with both sides, with a view toward implementing UN Resolution 435. The UN plan provides for a cease-fire, UN-supervised elections, and Namibia's coming to independence.

Resolution 435, which has now been reaffirmed with American support, establishes no link between the withdrawal of Cuban troops from Angola and the independence of Namibia (South-West Africa). However, South Africa, with United States support, continues to establish such a link. The US has presented Angola with a plan that would provide for a simultaneous withdrawal of Cuban troops from Angola and of South African troops from Namibia as the UN plan unfolds. US-Angolan private discussions continue.

Impartial observers here say that, on the whole, the debate at the Security Council was low-key and constructive. Both the US and the African states adopted a moderate posture. ''No one wants to upset the ongoing US-Angolan talks,'' one Western ambassador said.

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