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JAZZ Super Sisters ''Independent Women's Blues,'' Vol. 3. Rosetta Records RR 1308. More blues from the great gals who made their mark in the history of jazz singing. This set includes Helen Humes, Mildred Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald (who does a marvelous wordless blues entitled ''Ella Hums the Blues''), and some lesser-known names such as Trixie Smith, Sweet Peas Spivey (blues singer Victoria Spivey's sister), and Albennie Jones. The backup musicians include Sidney Bechet, Charlie Shavers, and, once again, Coleman Hawkins, this time with the Benny Goodman Orchestra (1934). This album and the previous ones are available in some stores, or by writing to Rosetta Records, 115 W. 16th Street, New York, NY 10011.

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