Repentant Polish professor gains grace from ex-student

Andrzej K.'s academic career ended when he had a falling out with his assistant professor, who failed him without a final exam. Andrzej looked for something to do. With help from his parents, he opened a vegetable stand. It prospered and a year later he started a boutique. After two more years he organized an electronics plant that employs 15 men.

One day the assistant professor showed up, looking for a job. His former pupil welcomed him. ''I owe everything to you,'' he told the professor.

''But for that failed exam, I would have stayed on, with nothing of my own. Now, I have a sporty Volkswagen, a villa, summer vacations on the Black Sea coast. And, look at yourself (out of a job)!''

Needless to say, the assistant professor - according to the story as told by a student paper and reprinted by Zycie Warszawy - got the job

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