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Three groups of donors to American colleges and universities gave more than $ 1 billion each and a fourth came close, the Council for Financial Aid to Education Inc. reports.

Alumni, who topped the billion-dollar mark for the first time in 1980-81, increased their giving 18 percent in 1981-82, to an estimated $1.240 billion. Nonalumni individuals, who also gave more than $1 billion for the second straight year, increased their giving 9 percent, to $1.097 billion. Foundations gave more than $1 billion for the first time, with an estimated $1.003 billion in gifts.

Corporations approached the billion-dollar level, giving an estimated $976 million, a 25 percent increase over 1980-81.

(Course in ghost-writing to be offered by leading university - news item.)

Something new has been added, yet, -

A ghost-writing course, it seems;

But whom will the students who take it get

To compose their daily themes?

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