Christopher Cross: ''Another Page.'' (Warner Bros. 23757-1.) The Christopher Cross songwriting machine barrels ahead. Mr. Cross began with ''Sailing'' on his debut album several years ago on which his sweet, falsetto voice - in this case sounding particularly detached - sang a dreamlike big hit. Along the way to ''Another Page'' he's had hits like ''Ride Like the Wind'' and the theme from ''Arthur'' among other songs. They, along with the music on his latest release, are cut from the same cloth. Without exception, Cross's music sounds pristine, sparkling, and pleasing. On ''Another Page'' Cross has summoned the talents of such artists as Don Henley, J.D. Souther, Karla Bonoff, and Art Garfunkel, though they're all but smoothered in Cross's musical molasses. Look for nothing harsh either in Cross's lyrics. For what he tries to do, his music is without equal. He provides a faultless blend of mellow rockers and softer more introspective songs - and all about love. 490:David Hugh Smith

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