Gary Peacock: ''Voice From the Past.'' Peacock, bass; Jan Garbarek, tenor and soprano; Tomasz Stanko, trumpet; Jack DeJohnette, drums. Paradigm. (ECM 1-1210.) In many ways, Peacock himself is the voice from the past. One of the important figures in the free jazz movement of the '60s, he hasn't been heard from all that much since then, except for a brief stint with pianist Bill Evans. But the real voice from the past on this album is Ornette Coleman, whose essential sound permeates all of the compositions (written by Peacock). The improvisations, too, are pure sixties revisited, which is not to say that the music here is old hat or lacks interest. As is always the case with so-called ''free'' music, the communication among the players is king, and these four blend together very nicely. Garbarek's horn is an elemental human cry; Peacock's bass is humorous, fluid, and conversational; and Stanko and DeJohnette have just the right instincts and taste to make the music work.

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