Bill Evans. ''The Paris Concert.'' Bill Evans, piano; Marc Johnson, bass; Joe La Barbera, drums. (Elektra/Musician 60164-1.) - This live album from a l979 concert recorded originally by French Radio is a special surprise for Bill Evans devotees who thought that he had never recorded with his last trio. The late Evans had said that this trio was closest to his first and greatest trio with bassist Scott LaFaro and drummer Paul Motian - quite a statement, considering the phenomenal achievements of that early group. And so it proves on this excellent session (producer Helen Keane plans a follow-up with the rest of the existing tapes), which finds Evans at the absolute pinnacle of his creativity, superbly complemented by Johnson and La Barbera. Here Evans is aggressive, even passionate, in contrast to his earlier work, and yet he displays a poignant lyricism on the ballads and solo introductions to the fine collection of songs he has chosen, including the lovely ''Quiet Now,'' by Earl Zindars, ''Beautiful Love,'' and ''I Loves You Porgy.'' He plumbs the depths of every one of them and comes up with ideas that are rich and varied, unfolding endlessly, layer upon layer.

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