D'Indy, Vincent: ''Symphony on a French Mountain Air.'' Franck, Cesar: Symphonic Variations; ''Les Djinns.'' Aldo Ciccolini, piano. Orchestre de Paris, Serge Baudo (D'Indy). Orchestre de Liege, Paul Strauss (Franck). (Seraphim S- 60371.) - When this album was released on the full-price Angel label, it was rapturously received. The D'Indy used to be a wildly popular piece. Now it never shows up on programs, yet what a shame. It is an expertly crafted, beautiful piece for piano and orchestra, offering a fine showcase for a sensitive pianist. The performance is first-rate, Ciccolini proving himself an important French stylist. The Franck works fare equally well. At full price this was a splendid album. At Seraphim's budget price, it is one of the bargains of the year.

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