More turmoil in Sweden over Soviet submarines

Controversy widened over foreign submarines in Swedish waters. Sweden's Prime Minister Olof Palme sternly warned the Soviet Union that Sweden would not hesitate to attack foreign submarines caught intruding in its waters. The warning came as Norwegian officials said a foreign submarine was spotted in Hardangerfjorden bay, on Norway's west coast. Special marine aircraft and naval units were sent into the bay to investigate, they added. Earlier, a Soviet oceanographic research ship was escorted out of the port of Oslo after Norway accused its captain of entering territorial waters without permission.

The controversy over alleged Soviet intrusions erupted this week after a Swedish report charging six Soviet submarines of entering Swedish waters near its high-security Musko base last year. That report caused a group of leading Danish politicians to postpone a scheduled trip to Moscow in protest. The Soviet news agency Tass angrily rejected the report.

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