Mubarak sees 'golden opportunity'

After talks Monday with George Shultz, the American secretary of state, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak called the Reagan plan for the Middle East ''a golden opportunity'' to achieve a comprehensive peace settlement.

At a press conference following the four-hour talks - initially scheduled to last only an hour - President Mubarak also repeated his call on the Palestinians to establish a link with Jordan ''as soon as possible'' as a way of helping the United States peace effort.

The Egyptian President said he and Mr. Shultz also discussed US-Egyptian relations, the level of US economic aid to Egypt, and the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Lebanon.

For his part, Secretary Shultz appeared to indicate that the United States may be willing to guarantee security arrangements for Israel in the framework of an agreement on the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon.

Mr. Shultz spoke of the ''urgency'' and ''importance'' of the removal of all foreign forces from Lebanon ''in a manner that is consistent and honors the necessity of a sovereign Lebanon able to rule itself.'' He said he thought ''the important thing will be to bring about a solution in terms of the bilateral relations between Israel and Lebanon.''

Mr. Shultz is scheduled to travel to Israel today.

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