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If they didn't use some sort of selection process, bookstores could probably fill their shelves with nothing but investment and business books. The proliferation of these tomes is so rapid that the average investor has a hard time keeping up with them and knowing which ones are best.

Now, the Fidelity Group, a Boston mutual fund company, has produced a useful little guide to nearly 50 books on investing, stocks, bonds, financial planning, mutual funds, and economics. The pamphlet includes many of the most highly regarded books in their respective areas. The firm carefully selected books that are available in most bookstores and in fairly well-stocked municipal or university libraries. Each listing includes a short description of the book and the name of the publisher. Because the costs of business books tend to change periodically, prices are not listed.

The brochure also contains names, descriptions, and addresses of several mutual fund newsletters and statistical services, as well as periodicals that specialize in business and investing. Again, because they change now and then, subscription prices are not given.

The brochure is available at no charge by writing to Fidelity Guide to Investor Information, Fidelity Group, Dept. I-36, 82 Devonshire Street, Boston, Mass. 02109.

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