Demand for MBAs through thick and thin

The business schools themselves don't appear in the least concerned about future enrollment. A spot-check of top business schools shows that the demand for MBAs is as high as ever, though current economic hard times must be weighed in as a short-term factor in the hiring of their students.

The number of student interviews may be off a bit on many campuses this year, but the number of recruiters doing the interviews is the same. And any recessionary effect on interviews won't last long, most schools say.

Says Fredric Way, Columbia Business School's placement director, ''Different divisions of the same companies are coming on campus. Whereas in '73 commercial banks were hiring MBAs into commercial lending, now they're hiring them into trading, marketing, operations, etc.''

Final figures on the number of job offers per student aren't in yet, but placement directors are not expecting much of a decrease over last year. As one Harvard MBA student puts it, ''No one around here's feeling too nervous - not with about three to four offers per student.''

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