Cinquain poetry

In cinquain poetry each stanza has five lines. A third-grade class at Elm Grove Elementary School in Kingwood, Texas worked for only 15 minutes on these poems. This was the students' first efforts at cinquain poetry. Here are some of their results: Football Rough, tough Kicking, tackling, throwing Kick hard field goals Touchdown Robby Gregg U.S.A. States, capitals Seeing, hearing, learning I like the U.S. people Peter Serafin Teachers Great, nice Reading, grading, spelling They are great people School Shawn Maze Dinosaurs Huge, mean Frightening, eating, fightingThey want to fight Scary Brian Anderson Dancing Graceful, pretty Running, jumping, flowing Pretty dancers running around Graceful Marcie McGrath Skiing Cold, fun Snowing, speeding, turning Skiing is very fun Slopes Trey Robertson

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