A few rays of hope that economic slide is ending

There are a few tiny, but promising, signs here that El Salvador's economic decline may be ending:

* A US executive from Georgia plans to move here with his family. His firm makes shoes, and its several factories in El Salvador are, he says, ''going full bore.''

* US Ambassador Deane R. Hinton knows of a Salvadorean who has sold his Miami apartment to reinvest his money here.

* A Miami-based salesman who deals in used machinery and spare parts for the textile industry spent just two days in San Salvador in early April - and booked

* The stores in a busy shopping center here - unlike those in some other war-torn nations and some Soviet bloc countries - have plenty of consumer goods available.

''In the long run, (the economy) looks pretty good,'' says Ambassador Hinton, adding that people ''work hard'' here.

''But they're certainly not going to be (successful) unless there's some degree of security and stability.''

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