Providing a ramp for wheelchairs

Q. Our church would like to provide a ramp for wheelchairs for access to the auditorium. Where can we get information about how to do it? The church is fairly close to the front sidewalk and has five steps across the front, a three-foot landing, and then six more steps to the covered porch.

Barbara G. McQuillan, Columbia, S.C.

A. Get in touch with a local architect or building designer. Likely a ramp of wood, or even concrete, may be designed and installed for wheelchair access to the church auditorium. Such an appurtenance may be placed somewhere in the front, from sidewalk to porch, or in a side route more favorably situated.

The city building department may be involved in the design and construction. Obtain its approval before doing any site work.

For a list of professional designers in your area, consult the telephone Yellow Pages under ''architects.''

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