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CLASSICAL Shostakovich, Dmitri: Piano Concerto No. 1. Prokofiev, Sergei: Classical Symphony. Carol Rosenberger, piano (Shostakovich). The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz, conductor. (Delos Digital DMS-3008.) - These are refreshingly clean, precise performances. The Shostakovich sparkles brilliantly, despite a rather too-reverberant acoustic that blunts some of the edge. Carol Rosenberger handles the piano part with a virtuoso's aplomb. Gerard Schwarz lends his support deftly, but it is the Prokofiev wherein he particularly shines. What at first sounds like a terribly literal performance emerges as one of the more faithful accounts on records. Others have better communicated the sarcasm and the wit, but no other gives such a splendid sense of Prokofiev's orchestrational ear, and Schwarz by no means waxes humorless here. The orchestral playing is handsome throughout.

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