30 stocks included in the Dow Jones industrial average

Allied Alcoa American Brands American Can American Express American Telephone & Telegraph Bethlehem Steel Du Pont Eastman Kodak Exxon General Electric General Foods General Motors Goodyear INCO IBM International Harvester International Paper Merck Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Owens-Illinois Procter & Gamble Sears, Roebuck & Co. Standard Oil (Calif.) Texaco Union Carbide US Steel United Technologies Westinghouse Woolworth

The average is computed by adding up the closing prices of the common stocks of these companies and dividing by a divisor (currently 1.314). For example, if all the stock prices added up to 1,498.2885, the closing Dow would be 1,140.25. By changing the divisor occasionally (the last change was Sept. 1, 1981), the average can be compared with previous years, regardless of stock splits or substitutions of companies on the list.

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