$110,000 buys a lot of ecstasy

There may be some who think twice about paying $110,000 for a new car. But Rolls-Royce is urging skeptics to think again. The British automobile industry's monthly news digest says Rolls-Royce is running a series of ads to tempt buyers and to let the public know why their cars are so special. For example, it is possible to drive a Rolls Silver Spirit from the Arctic Circle to the equator without once adjusting the air conditioning. Because of an intricate climate-control system, the temperature inside the car remains constant.

People who insist on a clear view will be pleased to know each car window is given a final polishing with pumice of a quality normally used for polishing optical lenses. And for those worried about winter driving conditions, recent tests show the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament is a nearly perfect shape for the deflection of snow from the car's windshield.

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