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Top three performing funds, by group. (Percentage gain, as of Dec. 31, 1982) Maximum capital gains Five years: Fidelity Magellan Fund 485.3 Twentieth Century Growth Investors 359 American General Pace Fund 354.6 Ten Years: Twentieth Century Growth Investors 551.3 Evergreen Fund 510.6 American General Comstock Fund 510.4 Long-term growth/income secondary Five years: NEL Growth Fund 343 Loomis-Sayles Capital Development 325 IDS Growth Fund 318.1 Ten Years: Over-the-Counter Securities Fund 377.9 Fidelity Destiny Fund 346.1 Guardian Park Avenue Fund 281.2 Growth & current income Five years: Twentieth Century Select Investors 333 St. Paul Capital Fund 231.7 Pioneer II 160.5 Ten years: Twentieth Century Select Investors 623.2 Pioneer II 453.3 Pioneer Fund 220.3 Balanced Five years: George Putnam Fund of Boston 106.4 State Farm Balanced Fund 98.2 Loomis-Sayles Mutual Fund 93.2 Ten years: Sentinel Balanced Fund 138 Axe Houghton Fund B 137.4 Convertible Yield Securities 136.6 Income - common stock Five years: American National Income Fund 144.3 SAFECO Income Fund 96.8 BLC Income Fund 88.3 Ten years: American National Income Fund 296.8 SAFECO Income Fund 168.3 BLC Income Fund 165.6 Income - flexible Five years: Fidelity Equity Income Fund 183.7 Value Line Income Fund 171.1 Kemper Total Return Fund 153.9 Ten years: Fidelity Equity Income Fund 344.9 Centennial Equity Income Fund 283.6 Value Line Income Fund 271 Income - senior securities Five years: Putnam Convertible Fund 155 American General Harbor Fund 146.2 Fidelity Thrift Trust 70.3 Ten years: American General Harbor Fund 233.1 Putnam Convertible Fund 226.1 Lord Abbett Bond-Debenture Fund 150 Specialized Five years: Strategic Investments Fund 610.3 United Services Gold Shares 574.4 International Investors 507.3 Ten years: International Investors 831.4 Templeton Growth Fund 305 Putnam International Equities Fund 96.6 Source: Wiesenberger Investment Companies Service

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