Israel violates Lebanese line

An Israeli patrol broke through a Lebanese Army checkpoint near Beirut after Lebanese troops tried to stop them. There was no shooting, and no one was injured, but it was the first reported incident between Israeli and Lebanese troops since the Lebanese Army deployed in east Beirut Tuesday. An Israeli spokesman said Israel had no intention of discontinuing its patrols in the area.

The incident followed by a day the takeover of territory in southern Lebanon by Maj. Saad Haddad, an Israeli ally. (See related story Page 6). The US State Department said it opposed the strengthening of Major Haddad's militia, and will hold Israel responsible for the safety of Palestinians and other inhabitants of southern Lebanon.

In Jerusalem, meanwhile, the Israeli parliament defeated three no-confidence motions that called on Prime Minister Menachem Begin's government to step down because of the Beirut massacre commission report. Ariel Sharon, minister without portfolio, was conspicuous by his absence at the parliamentary session and a cabinet meeting. The former defense minister was forced to give up the defense portfolio because of the outcry over the commission report.

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