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Paris never lacks for exciting cultural attractions, and this winter season offers a variety of diversions. Two major shows devoted to landscape artists are being held at the Grand Palais. ''The School of the Hague'' began in mid-January and runs until March 28 before traveling on to London and The Hague. Landscape artists and realists of the 19th-century Hague School are represented by 160 paintings and watercolors. The exhibit also shows early influences of these artists on the work of van Gogh and Mondrian. Admission is $1.25, or $1 on Sunday.

Claude Lorrain, 17th-century landscape artist, is the subject of the'second exhibition at the Grand Palais, Feb. 16 to May 16. Considered by Goethe one of the greatest artists of his time, he enjoyed a popularity among other artists that extended to Turner and Monet. This exhibition displays many of his wash tints of the sea, the changing light of day, and unspoiled countryside. Admission is $2, $1.25 on Saturday.

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