The Other Dimension

There was a great fireworks display of orange and crimson in the still and listless night sky. Many of the primitive cavemen that inhabited the Earth at this time in history, saw this strange phenomenon and reacted by exchanging excited grunts and snarles with one another. Then, from out of the shimmering sparks, a strange being appeared.

At this moment the cavemen made a quick dash for a dark and lonely cave which served as their hiding place. The strange being thought to herself, ''What strange creatures!''

The creature was in reality a Wishling, a being from another dimension, which was able to grant wishes. This particular Wishling had been sent on a mission by the Great Master to investigate the life forms on a new planet, Earth. She was sent in the year of the twenty-fourth Kolog (about 1,000,000 B. C.).

The Wishling, named Kao, decided to venture forth into the dark and gloomy cave. She was met by a very angry-looking caveman barring the opening. ''I am friendly,'' said Kao in the caveman's language. (Wishlings know every language in the universe).

''You may come in,'' grunted the caveman. ''My friends are inside.''

''Who is the leader around here,'' asked Kao.

''I am!'' yelled a pot-bellied caveman. ''Where do you come from,'' he asked.

''From another dimension not unlike your own.''

''Join us in our great feast of buffalo meat,'' said the leader who was named Ugo.

After a splendid dinner and many introductions, Kao decided that she should show these kind and hospitable cavement her talents.

''Tell me something you have always wanted Ugo,'' she said, ''and I shall make your wish come true!''

Ugo thought this was strictly a joke. ''I want more buffalo meat,'' he replied. Instantly, a huge pile of buffalo meat appeared in the center of the cave! The cavemen were shocked and soon started asking more wishes of Kao.

Soon a great fight broke out. Everyone wanted the wishes for themselves. Kao barely escaped with her life. The cavemen were right behind her, yelling and shouting.

The Wishling left the same way that she came, in a shower of sparks that lit the night sky. The cavement started moaning and groaning. They knew where they had gone dreadfully wrong.

Back in her own dimension, Kao gave her report to the Great Master. ''There is no hope for the Earth beings,'' she said. ''They are far too selfish, always wanting something they don't already have. We must forget about them.''

''Agreed,'' said the Great Master.

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