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Our house has an unpainted white pine exterior board-and-batt siding. The side facing a stand of pine trees is mildewed, causing streaks. Before this happened, we applied a linseed oil and turpentine mixture to the boards. We do not wish to stain or paint the wood. What should we do?

Mrs. W. L. Imwold Monterrey, Va.

Mildew apparently enjoys the taste of linseed oil and turpentine. It's likely the shade and that ''appetite'' triggered the mildew on the pine-siding exposure.

Wash the mildew-infected area with a mixture of household bleach and water.

Although you indicate objection to paint or stain finish, please inquire into the transparent stains which are made especially for fir, redwood, and cedar. There are three different stains with just a tint of color therein. You may find that after bleaching the siding, some unsightly staining may still remain.

One of these semitransparent colored stains may suit your fancy. Test out a small area with the chosen stain before applying it fully.

Your objection to the idea of stain may be moderated by the necessities at hand.

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